Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network
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Latin America

 Regional Coordinator:         

   Rev. Noel Fernandez Collot,

   Chicho Valdes 423 Entre 3y4, Ciego de Avila 65100 Cb,


   Tel:(Office):+ 53-33-225223

   Telfax: + 53-33-227129

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                                                   2012 Activities

1. National Forum for the Deaf-blind

    Date: 26th January, 2012

    Participants: Members of the Civil Society, Governmental Institutions and Churches that work with Deaf-blind   persons

2. Theology and Disability Consultation in Asunción, Paraguay

    Date: February 2012

3. National Consultation on Theology and Disability in Havana, Cuba

    Date: March 2012

   Participants: Representatives of Theological Institutions in Cuba

4. Latin- American Consultation on Disability, Role of Churches and Strategies for the Future

   Date: 22nd to 25th October 2012

   Venue: Santiago, Chile

 5. Theology and Disability Consultation

    Date: November 2012

   Venue: Porto Alegre, Brazil

                                                            Latin America 2011



1. Church: Inclusion, Disability and Violence

2. Like a Single Flower we'll be

3. 1st EDAN Newsletter published in Spanish

4. SIGNOS DE VIDA Magazine


1.  Visit to Evaluate and Monitor Missionaries working with disabilities in Haiti

The visit took place on 1st to 8th August. The missionaries have been working in Haiti for three years with a project sponsered by Action Church and Church World Service. The Project was started in January 2010

2. Theology and Disability Consultation in Haiti

This Consultation took place on 13th August at the Christian Service of Haiti and was attended by 35 persons representing six Theological Institutions in Haiti.

3. Meeting with Christian Leaders from the Dominican Republic

It was held with 30 leaders from 11 churches in Dominican Republic at Santo Domingo. The meeting discussed how to include persons with disabilities in Churches and Theological Institutions in the Dominican Republic. A committee made of three people was constituted to oversee the process.

4. Meeting with the Rector of the National Evangelical University,  Dominican Republic

During this meeting EDAN-Latin America  and Dr. Salustiano B. Mojica, Rector of  National Evangelical University made an agreement to introduce disability discourse in the university

5. Meeting with Representatives of Civil Society, Government Institutions and Churches

the main objective of this meeting was to sensitize Representatives of Civil Societies, Government Institutions and Churches on disability and introduce to them EDAN's objectives. The meeting was attended by 40 persons with disabilities.

6.Theology and Disability Consultation in Costa Rica

The Consultation took place on 24th September 2011 at the Catholic University of Costa Rica. The consultation started a movement to include persons with disabilities in Churches and Ecumenical Movements. It was attended by persons with disabilities , their family members and lecturers from the Catholic University of Costa Rica













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