Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network

Latin America

Regional Coordinator: Rev. Noel Fernandez

The Latin America Region has been hosting a series of disability and theology consultation since July 2002 and so far they have held four such conferences to influence church leaders in the region. However, the first Consultation for theological institutions in the region was held in Quito, Ecuador in March 2008. The Conference was hosted by Conference of Latin America Churches
(CLAI) in which a total of 48 people participated, of which 35 were people with disabilities and the rest
were theologians, Biblical scholars and professionals in the area of disabilities. The conference, provided
opportunities to share different experiences. The lecture topics on image of God, grace, evangelization, gender, health, salvation, poverty, human rights, bio-ethics, violence, indigenous peoples and children we gathered together into a book for use in theological institutions.

The coordinator was invited during the General Assembly of CETELA (Association of Theological Institutions in Latin America September, 2009 in Santiago de Chile during which he was able to interact with deans of studies in these collegges. From them on, the Regional Coordinator has been part of their annual meetings of which he has been able to influence several colleges to write a curriculum after which he trains the teachers to teach the course.

The Mesoamerica Consultation on inclusion was held in San Salvador, November 2010 which brought together Academic Deans of the various theological colleges and faculty of theology of the University of Sal Salvadorequested for a consultation to further the dialogue on establishing a disability course in their University a request that is still pending.

Colleges that have attended these meetings are:

1.    Moravian Church College in Bolivia;
2.    Methodist Church in Mexico;
3.    Baptist College in Cali, Colombia;
4.    ISEDET College in Argentina;
5.    Matanzas Ecumenical Theological College, Cuba;
6.    Iglesia Episcopal in Ecuador;
7.    Lutheran Church in Bogota, Colombia

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